Yamato RE-202-AWA Rotary Evaporator with water bath and glassware set (NEW)

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Yamato RE-202-AWA Rotary Evaporator Set

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

Model: RE-202-AWA Complete Set

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.

New from manufacturer's stock

Estimated lead time: Currently In stock: Typically ships in 5 business days from acceptance of order. Out of stock: Ships in 3 months.

Guarantee: Yamato's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Warranty: 1 Year manufacturers warranty


  • Evaporator:  RE202-AWA 
  • Water bath: BM-302  Digital 5.0L 115V 50/60Hz, 12.5A 
  • Diagonal condenser:  Type A for standard use (diagonal)
  • Glass set:  Rotary joint, evaporation flask, receiving flask, ball joint clamp, flask clip, vacuum seal, condenser insulation kit, and flask removal tool


  • Evaporating flask:  2L
  • Receiving flask:  2L
  • Vacuum regulator:  VR300 Vacuum Regulator
  • Cooling Water Circulator:  CF302L 
  • Vacuum pump:  DTC 22A (115V 50/60Hz) 


  • The evaporators motor speed, vacuum and vapor temperature can be digitally set and displayed.  Experimental conditions and steps during a reaction can be saved and repeated in future
  • Voltage-sensing power supply
  • Stable rotation
  • Motor: DC brushless motor (for rotation) 
  • Number of revolutions:  5 - 315 rpm
  • Motorized lift stroke: 200mm
  • Speed (rpm) setting: Control knob (digital indication)
  • Safety measures (main unit): Manual-setting lower limit, upper limit, motor overload

The Yamato RE202-A standard rotary evaporator features convenient height adjustment and intuitive operability which dramatically increases user-comfort and productivity. Yamato’s RE202-A rotavaps are equipped with a 5 to 315 rpm rotation speed capacity and offers selectable rotation modes perfect for various general evaporation applications. Moreover, our RE202-A standard rotary evaporators give you the option to use either a water bath or oil bath with a 5L capacity.


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