Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus 384 microplate reader package (Pre-owned)

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Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus 384 microplate reader package

Manufacturer: Molecular Devices

Model: SpectraMax Plus 384 

Condition: Excellent. Fully functional.  Tested 

Status: Pre-owned

Estimated lead time:  3 days

The Molecular Devices SpectraMax 384 is a UV/Vis spectrophotometer and microplate reader combination for more reliable and fast data reporting with built-in cuvette port and microplate drawer. The instrument reads any standard cuvette, microcuvette, test tube or 96- and 384-well standard or UV transparent microplate over a full 190 to 1000 nm wavelength range. This 384 comes from a long history of reliable tools built by Molecular Devices. This robust system is capable of reading 96 or 384 wells, each with its own sample beam and reference detector, for optical density measurement at a selected wavelength with endpoint (for a single point in time), kinetic (over a specific period of time), or spectral scan mode (over a specific wavelength range).

The high-precision nine channel system (8 for the microplate; 1 for the cuvette port) consists of sample beams and reference beams that mimic a dual beam spectrophotometer. The filter-less system includes monochromator, allowing for up to 6 wavelengths within the visible spectrum at a time, saving time without the need to change out filters.


Key applications include: DNA and RNA analysis; ELISAs and immunoassays; cell viability, proliferation, and cytotoxicity; endpoint analysis; enzyme kinetic assays; protein quantitation; endotoxin detection; and PathCheck


  • SpectraMax Plus 384 plate reader
  • Laptop computer
  • SoftMax Pro software
  • Communications cable
  • Power cord

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 Wavelength range

 190-1000 nm

 Photometric range

 -0.3 to 4.000 OD

 Wavelength selection

 1 nm increments (monochromator)


 <2 nm

 OD resolution

 0.001 OD

 Endpoint read time

 9 sec

 Temperature range

 Ambient to 45C

 Kinetic read time

 9 sec minimum interval


 96 and 384 microplates and 1 cm cuvette


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