Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini XS with laptop and software (Pre-owned)

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Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini XS

Manufacturer:  Molecular Devices

Model:  SpectraMax Gemini XS

Status:  Pre-owned

Condition:  Very Good

Estimated lead time:  1-2 weeks

Guarantee:  15 day money back guarantee. 

The SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS Microplate Spectrofluorometer is a microplate reader capable of detecting signal from either fluorescence or luminescence based assays. This device has all the features of a standard microplate reader, such as temperature control and shaker.

The most important feature of the SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS is that it uses two monochromators, instead of filters, to select the desired wavelengths. This allows the reader to be set in 1-nm increments, as opposed to the 25-nm increments typical of filters, over an excitation/emission range of 250 to 850 nm. The bandwidth for both the excitation and emission monochromators is 9 nm. The combination of setting the best possible wavelength and having a relatively tight bandwidth results in good sensitivity and specificity for any given probe. This also means that you can always choose the best excitation/emission wavelength pair for the fluorochrome of your choice. It is worth noting that the SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS can read both luminescence and fluorescence, the latter as an end-point, in a time-resolved fashion, or by scanning the spectra. 

The fact that this instrument can be used for both fluorescence and luminescence based assays means that it is very versatile. This feature, as well as the design for multi-well plate tray, makes the SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS a valuable tool for a wide variety of applications: from ELISA to enzymatic assays, from reporter-gene activity measurements to cell survival/death assays. It also has a user-friendly interface – most of the settings can be changed by clicking on the intuitive icons on the machines screen. 


• Live/Dead viability/cytotoxicity assays
• Detection of nucleic acids
• Green fluorescent protein
• NanoOrange protein quantitation
• PicoGreen DNA detection
• Molecular beacons
• Caspase-3
• Fluorometric protease assays
• cAMP detection


  • SpectraMax Gemini XS plate reader
  • Laptop computer
  • SoftMax Pro software
  • Communications cable
  • Power cord
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • 30 day warranty

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Fluorescence photometric performance

 Dual monochromators (EX and EM)  1 nm increment selection

 EX Wavelength range

 250-850 nm

 EM wavelength range

 360-850 nm

 Bandwidth (EX and EM)

 9 nm

 Detection limit

(signal 3X SD of baseline)

 3.0 fmol/well FITC 200ul in 96 wells

 Time-resolved fluorescence

 Wavelength range  360-850 nm
 Data collection  50-1450 usec, 200 usec increments
 Sensitivity  0.5 fmol/well Eu chelate


 Detection limit  10 mol/well alkaline phosphatase 200ul/well

 General photometric performance

 Plate formats  6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 wells
 Light source  Xenon flash lamp
 Detector  Photomultiplier (R-3896)
 Read time

 96 wells <15 secs

 384 wells <45 secs

 Shaker time

 0-999 seconds

 Temperature range

 Ambient +4C to 45C

 General specs

 Dimensions  8.6"H x 22.8"W x 15"D
 Weight  35 lbs
 Power source  100-240 VAC, 3A, 50/60Hz
 Robot compatible



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