CO2 incubator | Caron Oasis CO2 incubator (single chamber)

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Caron Oasis CO2 incubator (single chamber)

Manufacturer:  Caron

Model:  Oasis 6404-1

Condition:  Excellent.  Calibrated.

Status: Pre-owned 

Estimated lead time:  3 days

Quantity:  7

Caron's Oasis™ CO2 incubator is designed to protect and advance your research and work.
The precision-engineered direct heat and IR sensor technologies provide stable, accurate temperature and CO2. The compact 6 cu. ft. design takes up minimal space and is stackable (each unit comes with a stacking kit). A rapid 90°C moist heat decontamination cycle is standard and allows for maintenance-free cleansing overnight. Setup is simple, and the large alpha/numeric display allows for at-a-glance monitoring.

Shelves are adjustable, readily configured and slide out to meet your applications needs. Our tool-less interior design allows you to remove the internal components for routine cleaning or to change interior configurations without the use of tools. Every precaution is taken to avoid contamination: during routine door openings, the blower system automatically shuts off, multiple HEPA filters are incorporated into the design, the exterior consists of ISOCIDE antimicrobial powder coated pain and the interior is comprised of polished stainless steel with coved corners. 
The O2 model is for cell culture applications that require the added ability to precisely suppress and control oxygen concentration down to one percent. Suppressed oxygen control is crucial for hypoxic studies. Oxygen levels are controlled by introducing nitrogen into the chamber. The O2 incubators feature a strategically placed sparger, recovering humidity after door openings at a much faster rate and allowing cultures to cultivate at optimum environmental conditions.


  • The Oasis is 6 cu. ft., compact and stackable.
  • The Model 6404 O2 incubator supports hypoxic applications.
  • Drift resistant, highly-reliable Infrared (IR) Sensor, allowing for quick recovery after the door is opened.
  • Polished stainless steel interior with coved corners, which is highly resistant to corrosion and allows for an easy and effective cabinet wipe-down.
  • The adjustable shelves are readily configured to meet your application’s need and slide out, making samples at the back of the chamber easy to access.
  • The rapid Decontamination Cycle cleans the incubator overnight with the push of a button.
  • Multiple HEPA filter design continuously protects the incubator from contamination.
  • The Oasis has a tri-zone method for temperature control, utilizing individual heaters, which are located on the outside of every interior wall, to ensure highly uniform temperature that blankets the inside of the
    incubator. Temperature is rapidly recovered after each door opening.
  • Airflow system maximizes airflow and results in rapid temperature and humidity recovery with optimal uniformity.
  • Ergonomic, intuitive user interface has a built in message center. It allows for effortless setup and simple adjustments to setpoints and calibrations.
  • Advanced data logging system records time stamped incubator parameters for on screen viewing. Built-in help feature allows easy
    access to frequently asked questions.
  • Self diagnostic alarm system monitors all functions and controlled parameters and prompts the user in the event that any parameter exceeds programmable limits.  


  • Caron Oasis incubator
  • Water tray
  • 4 shelves
  • Operations manual (pdf copy)
  • Power cord
  • 30 warranty


  • CO2 regulator
  • O2 regulator


 Model  6404-1
 Chamber volume  6 cu. ft.
 Temperature range  5C above ambient to 60C
 Humidity range  Elevated up to 95% at 37°C
 CO2 control (%)  ±0.1%
 CO₂ Range  0-20%
 CO₂ Sensor  IR
 O₂ control  ±0.1%
 O₂ Range  1-21%
 O₂ Sensor  Fuel cell
 Exterior Dimensions  26"W x 26"D x 36"H
 Interior Dimensions  20"W x 21"D x 25"H
 Shipping weight  264 lbs
 Electrical  115V, 60Hz, 15A

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