Two of The Most Important Lab Furniture

The main purpose of building a lab and then filling it with all the essential tools, equipment, and furniture is carrying out key researches and investigations. A lab is a lab as long as it takes preciseness extremely seriously. Without precise experiments, new products, medicines, equipment, and materials cannot be created for the masses. Since precision is of utmost importance in a lab, furniture too needs to be of multipurpose nature. Two pieces of furniture that hold special importance in a lab setting are laboratory workbenches and laboratory casework.


The chief thing that takes place in a laboratory is an experiment. In most labs, multiple scientists are present and because of this, space is valued highly. Workbenches are areas where experiments actually take place. There is no common appearance of workbenches. In some labs, they are like big tables. In others, they appear like a desk that contains shelves. Casework, on the other hand, is lab furniture that has multiple cabinets built for the purpose of storage. Lab casework too comes in different forms. There are some that look like big standalone cabinet while others are positioned above a workstation.

Lab Casework and Work Benches 

Both of these key lab furniture is made of steel. The reason for mostly using steel to make this furniture is for safety purposes as many experiments in a lab pose danger. This is why lab equipment needs to be superior quality so that in times of tragedies, it withstands whatever is thrown at it. Casework, for this reason, contains double-walled drawers and doors so that they can securely keep materials inside it and fastened properly. Top-quality casework’s doors have rubber bumpers so that they close quietly.

Both casework and workbenches are available in different sizes. While in certain cases there may not be a need for a bigger workspace as a cabinet on the top of the workstation will suffice. But most labs are bigger in size as many scientists need to work together on experiments. In such cases, workbenches of bigger sizes are required so that multiple people can work together at the same time.

At LEI Sales, you can buy from casework, workbenches, lab chairs to lab table, shelves; sink cabinet, desk, and much more. Make sure you keep in mind the size of the lab before ordering a piece of specific lab furniture from us. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.

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