Top Tips for Maintaining Refrigerated Incubators in Labs- Here’s how

Maintaining any piece of equipment in any laboratory is integral. One may not realize it until the results become under-qualified. Just as every other activity performed in a lab is done with accuracy and precision, maintaining a refrigerated incubator shaker demands the same. If you’re seeking reliable lab results, the rule of thumb is to properly use and maintain the unit. Perhaps, some devices can be hefty in terms of their price, but, once you invest in one, you do it to keep it for the long-term. Adapting to best practices of maintenance can help you keep the quality of the model intact for many years. Also, if you’re not willing to replace the machine too often, well-maintenance is the way to go, and how?


Placing the machine correctly

You can begin by positioning the refrigerated incubator shaker in an appropriate area that’s away from contaminants or harmful elements. There are several factors that you can consider while choosing the aptest place for locating the device such as- space requirements, exposure to sunlight, vents, exits and entries, temperature fluctuations, cleanliness, and so on. Ideally, a temperature-controlled area suits best when it comes to lab incubators. No matter what piece of equipment you’re trying to locate, just ensure that the area is clean at all times.

Assess the temperature

It’s no surprise that certain devices have certain temperature requirements in and around them. Maintain at least 37°C for optimal growth of cell cultures. Fluctuating temperature can result in unusual or disruptions in the growth of cell cultures. While you may have sensors for tracking the temperature, always have a second or backup thermometer to keep a double check. One way you can ensure that the temperature is maintained up to the required limit is by avoiding opening and closing the refrigerator door frequently.

Keep an eye on humidity and CO2 levels

Refrigerated incubators work best the specific humidity and Co2 levels are met. It ensures that the results are precise and accurate. Humidity too low can cause evaporation while CO2 is also responsible for growth and development. Keep a check on both using analyzers.

Clean in and around

Again, cleanliness is far more important than you can think. If your incubator is affected by bacteria, viruses, and pollutants, it is likely to harm the results. So, keep a regular schedule of cleaning the unit by incorporating safe measures like wearing gloves, use disinfectants (if required), change the water when needed, and so on. It’s noteworthy to maintain cleanliness depending upon the

Make temperature adjustments regularly

It must be clear by now that two things- cleanliness and monitoring temperature are the key to properly maintaining the unit. Thermometers should be tested and adjusted regularly, regardless if you’ve already done that a day before. This validation determines whether there is a need for more calibration or not.

You can master the skill of maintaining any lab units. It just takes the right guidance and equipment. For that, we are here to serve the best lab and commercial units. Now that you’re familiar with the steps of maintenance, purchase CO2 incubators for sale by searching them online.

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