Reasons Why Labs Have Started Using More Plastic Beakers In Addition To Glass Counterparts

There was a time when only glass beakers were used in chemistry labs for mixing, heating, and stirring liquids. Today, labs have started using plastic beakers because they can be cleaned much more easily and hold up quite strongly against more chemicals than before. They have become so popular and widely used because they are now made using better plastics such as polypropylene.

Greater use of plastic beakers will not necessarily stop the usage of glass beakers; these beakers have their specific applications. But in most of the applications, plastic beakers perform just as well, in some cases, even better. In this blog, we will talk about reasons why labs should start using plastic beakers more.

1. Convenience - In chemistry labs, cleaning up is considered a very important task. If you use glass beakers and have all the necessary equipment to clean them, then you will not take much time to complete this lab task. But the truth is, most labs do not have proper washing equipment. As far as dealing with dirty chemistry beakers is concerned, having more options is always favorable. The great thing about plastic beakers is that although you can clean them just like glass beakers, you can also easily dispose them off when you have an accident or lack time to clean them up.

2. Better Plastic - In the past, plastic beakers were not the first choice in chemistry labs due to the cheaper plastics that were used to make them. But over the years, plastic beakers have improved significantly. They have become virtually as clear as glass beakers and can be autoclaved without any trouble. They are usually cheaper than glass beakers and offer several benefits such as prevention of drips through their molded pouring spout, enlarged lip for gripping, resistance against strong acids, solvents, and bases.

3. Better Measuring - There is one area where plastic beakers triumph over glass beakers: flexibility. You cannot bend or manipulate glass beakers. Plastic ones can be manipulated, which assists lab technicians in completing their work. You can easily create an oval by squeezing the plastic beaker once you have precisely measured the chemical. Even though glass beakers have a lip to make pouring easier, a plastic beaker’s oval shape is still much more advantageous than a flat circle for this task. If glass beakers fall to the ground, they scatter into pieces and spill the chemical. You won’t have to face this problem with plastic beakers.

As you can see, plastic beakers offer some amazing benefits. If interested, we will advise you to purchase CELLTREAT’s plastic beakers as CELLTREAT scientific products are considered some of the best in the market. You can buy them from LEI Sales in different sizes from 30, 50, 100 to 150, 250 to even 400 and 600 ml.

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