5 Essential Features to Consider in a CO2 incubator

A CO2 incubator, or otherwise known as a gassed incubator, is an essential piece of lab equipment that promotes the growth of cell and tissue culture inside the unit. It helps keep cells and tissues in a stable atmosphere, which is not subject to change by external factors. Inside the chamber, the atmosphere usually comprises a temperature of 37°C, a constant ph value of 7.2-7.4, a CO2 level of 5%, and a relative humidity saturation level of 95%.

Today, many CO2 incubators are available on the market, each coming with a range of functions and features. It makes choosing the right one challenging for lab owners and professionals. But with little research, you can buy the right one suited to your requirements.

Here are a few features and functions to consider when looking for a CO2 incubator for sale:

Micro-computer chip - PID Control System
Many CO2 incubators come with a PID control system that makes controlling the unit easy and safe for lab personnel. If you want to maintain the atmosphere inside the unit more accurately, consider going for the one with a PID control system.

Advance Ultrasonic Sensors
A CO2 incubator uses advanced ultrasonic sensors to detect gas concentration inside the chamber. These sensors are reliable, highly responsive, long-lasting, and effective in maintaining a stable environment inside the unit.

High-Precision Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor
Many CO2 incubators for sale feature high-precision platinum resistance temperature sensors, such as the PT1000, to display error-free and stable temperature readings. 

Air circulation
It’s also a good idea to buy an incubator that uses natural air convection and breeze circulation. This feature ensures quick temperature, CO2 recovery times, humidity, and even distribution within the chamber.

Temperature Controller & Overheating Relay Function
When looking for CO2 incubators for sale, make sure to look for temperature controls and overheating relay functions in the unit. This feature helps protect samples from damage in case the unit overheats. Temperature controls let you preset the maximum temperature while Overheating relay functions cut off the heaters when the temperature inside the chamber exceeds the preset temperature.

Final note
Buying the right CO2 incubator for sale can be challenging; however, if you know what features make a suitable unit, you can make the right decision almost every time. 

If you are looking for CO2 incubators for sale to support your research, feel free to get in touch with us and let us help you. 

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