VWR Symphony Model 3074 CO2 incubator (Pre-owned)

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VWR Symphony Model 3074 CO2 incubator

Manufacturer: VWR

Model: Symphony 3074 

Condition: Very good. Fully functional

Status: Pre-owned

Estimated lead time:  3-5 days

Included accessories: Power cord, shelves, and new HEPA filter

The VWR Symphony model 3074 incubator employs advanced temperature control technology to assure an optimal, stable growing environment for cell and tissue cultures. The Symphony 3074 incubator features integral 90°C moist heat high temperature decontamination cycle that is effective in eliminating most contaminants. A humidity water reservoir pan protects cultures from drying out and improves recovery characteristics and cell growth. The 3074 has a thermal conductivity (TC) sensor-based CO2 control.

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  • Power Cord
  • Shelves
  • New HEPA Filter


120V, 60Hz
Exterior Dimensions
63.7W x 86.7H x 76.6D cm (25 x 34 x 307/32")
Interior dimensions
47W x 60.7H x 53D cm
Shipping Weight
105 kg
Temperature Control
Temperature Uniformity
±0.3°C at 37°C (99°F)