Thermo Scientific Orion 3 Star benchtop conductivity meter (Pre-owned)

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Thermo Scientific Orion 3 Star benchtop conductivity meter

Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific

Model:  Orion 3 Star

Condition:  Excellent.  Tested and found to be fully functional

Status: Pre-owned 

Estimated lead time:  3-5 days


The Thermo Scientific Orion 3-Star Portable Conductivity Meter is a waterproof, battery-operated conductivity meter.  It stands up to the most demanding soil and water analysis applications and delivers over 2,000 hours of continuous operation. 

Easy to operate in any mode

  • Bright, backlit LCD display with ready indication
  • Simultaneous display of conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS and temperature
  • Convenient built-in Quick-Start Guide with calibration instructions
  • Stores up to 10 setup parameters and calibrations

Increased accuracy

  • SMART STABILITY™ and SMART AVERAGING™ functions optimize accuracy, precision and response time
  • Advanced self-tests on meter operation, self-diagnostics

Complete documentation

  • 200 point datalogger, by time, stability or manual read with time and date stamp; downloadable to printer or computer via RS-232 connection


  • Orion 3 Star conductivity meter
  • Operations manual (pdf copy)
  • Power adapter
  • 30 day warranty


 Conductivity:  0 to 3000 uS
 Salinity:  0.01 to 80.0 ppt NaCl
 TDS  0.0 to 19,999.0 mg/L
 Resistivity  0.0001 to 100 Megohms
 Reference Temp. (C)  15 , 20 , 25, autoranging
 Temp. Range  -5 to 105° C
 Cell Constant Range  0.001 to 199.9
 Shipping weight  10 lbs
 Electrical  Battery operated includes AC adapter



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