Tecan Infinite M200 Pro microplate reader

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Tecan Infinite M200 Pro microplate reader

Manufacturer:  Tecan

Model:  Infinite M200 Pro

Condition:  Excellent.  Serviced by Tecan service technician.

Status: Pre-owned 

Estimated lead time:  3-5 days


  • Tecan Infinite M200 Pro
  • Laptop computor
  • Software
  • Operations manual (pdf copy)
  • Power cord
  • 30 day warranty

The Infinite M200 PRO from Tecan can provide a full range of leading detection methods. The Quad4 Monochromators of the Infinite M200 PRO provides exceptional sensitivity, and allows the user to select any wavelength from UV to NIR, and to perform absorbance, excitation and emission scans. Users can access all wavelengths, and change from top to bottom reading, for easy measurement of multiplexed assays.

The reader offers several detection modes for sample measurements in 6- to 384- well plates, PCR plates or cuvettes:

  • Fluorescence intensity top reading including TRF, with automated z-adjustment.
  • Enhanced fluorescence intensity bottom reading with OR (Optimal Read) function, including TRF.
  • Spectrally enhanced photomultiplier tube that extends emission wavelength range from 330-600 nm to 280-850 nm.
  • Absorbance
  • Photon counting luminescence, including dual color luminescence.
  • Temperature control
  • With the NanoQuant Plate up to 16 samples with volumes as low as 2 µl can be measured simultaneously.

The Infinite M200 PRO can be used for a wide range of biological assays and measurements including:

  • DNA/RNA quantification
  • Protein quantification
  • Ion channel studies
  • Ion flux studies
  • Calcium ion detection
  • Reporter gene and gene expression assays
  • Cell viability and toxicity assays
  • Cell-based assays
  • Binding studies
  • Enzyme assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Fluorescence and luminescence applications
  • TR-FRET / HTRF® applications


 Light source   High energy Xenon flash lamp
 Wavelength selection  Monochromator system
 Absorbance detector  Silicon photodiode
 Absorbance wavelength range  230-1000 nm
 Resolution  1 nm
 Measurement range  0-3 OD
 Fluorescence detector  PMT
 Fluorescein detection limit (pM)  <20pM
 Uniformity at 25 nM Fluorescein  <3% CV
 Reproducibility at 25 nM Fluorescein  <2%
 Cuvette types  12.5 x 12.5 mm, maximum height 55 mm, including lid, micro cuvettes: center height 15 mm, measurement window > 2 mm (diameter)
 Plate formats  from 6 to 384 well plates
 Shaking Linear, orbital
 Exterior Dimensions  17"W x 18"D x 10"H
 Shipping weight  36 lbs
 Electrical  115V, 50/60Hz