NuAire NU629-400 4 foot A2 Biological safety cabinet with rolling stand (Year 2010)

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NuAire NU629-400 4 foot A2 Biological safety cabinet with rolling stand

Manufacturer:  NuAire

Model:  NU629-400

Condition:  Excellent

Status: Pre-owned 

Estimated lead time:  2 weeks typically

Warranty:  30 day

Note:  Does not include HEPA filters


  • NU629-400 4 ft BSC
  • Electronically adjustable height stand
  • (4) casters
  • Operations manual (pdf copy)
  • Power cord
  • 30 day warranty


 Model  NU629-400
 Nominal size  4 ft
 Sash height  12"
 Interior work surface dimension  46"W x 23.5"D x 28.5"H
 Exterior Dimensions  60"W x 30"D x 84"H
 Shipping weight  800 lbs
 Electrical  120V, 50/60Hz, 7A


The Nuaire LabGardES NU-629-400 bio safety cabinet provides personnel, product, and environmental protection for use in animal facilities as well as standard tissue culture labs. The Nuaire NU-629-400 is mounted on a electronically adjustable stand to accommodate the ergonomic needs of multiple users who may use the hood. The NU629-400 features greater visibility and reach through a large 12” access opening along with Class II Type A2 bio-hazard containment through a 105 FPM air barrier as well as uni-directional laminar airflow minimizes air turbulence and cross contamination between animals. Additionally, the HEPEX plenum inflates to provide quiet uniform air without transferring vibration. Positive pressure chambers and ducts are surrounded by negative pressure eliminating potential leaks.


  • New HEPA filters installed and tested ($1,755)
  • UV package (fixture and bulb installed) ($485)
  • Crate for common carrier shipment ($495)