Caron Model 6010-1 Environmental chamber (Pre-owned)

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Caron Model 6010-1 Environmental chamber

Manufacturer:  Caron

Model:  6010-1

Condition:  Excellent

Status: Pre-owned 

Estimated lead time:  3-5 business days

Quantity:  2

Test chambers feature precise temperature and humidity control to create repeatable environmental conditions. They are suitable for numerous applications, including product shelf life, stability and package testing, light exposure and temperature evaluation studies, electronic component burn-in, TAPPI testing, plant growth, and insect rearing.

Units feature a temperature range of 5 to 60°C (41 to 140°F) and a relative humidity (RH) range of 20 to 98%*. Chambers feature microprocessor-based PID controllers with computer communications, autotune, solid state RH sensor, and stainless steel sheath RTD temperature probe. LED displays of temperature and RH during operation show both process and setpoint values. Chambers use environmentally-friendly HFC refrigerant and CFC-free insulation.

Audible and visual temperature alarms alert user of any temperature deviation from active setpoint, or that the high limit has been exceeded. In the event of a power failure, nonvolatile memory allows chamber to return to original setpoint when power is restored.

Cabinets feature a stainless steel interior, one 5.1cm (2") access port, two fresh air vents, and horizontal airflow. Benchtop model 6010 has a key lockable interior glass door and aluminum exterior door, and a powder-coat exterior finish. Floor model 6030 has a key lockable full-view glass door. Exterior has enamel coating for chemical, water, and abrasion resistance.

The condensate recirculating system is a self-contained water delivery system for use when water supply or floor drain is unavailable, or to conserve water usage. The heatless dryer purges the air system using compressed air to lower the RH% levels.

Meet NEC, UL, and CSA standards for safety and performance.


    • Caron environmental chamber
    • 2 shelves
    • Operations manual (pdf copy)
    • Power cord
    • 30 day warranty


     Chamber volume  10 cu. ft.
     Temperature range w/o lights  5C to 70C
     Temperature range w/ lights  10C to 70C
     Temperature Control:  ± 0.1°C
     Temperature Uniformity:  ± 0.3°C
     Humidity range  20 to 95% 
     Humidity control (%)  ±3%
     Exterior Dimensions  43"W x 31"D x 36"H
     Interior Dimensions  23"W x 26"D x 30"H
     Shipping weight  495 lbs
     Electrical  115V, 60Hz, 12A