BMC 5 foot chemical fume hood package

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5 foot BMC chemical fume hood package  

Manufacturer:  BMC



Condition: Clean condition (2 available)

Guarantee: 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Reconditioned BMC 5 foot bench top fume hood package
  • Vertical sash with laminated safety glass 
  • Two (2) 30” standard base cabinets
  • One (1) cold water package includes dished epoxy countertop with cupsink [right side] and 15-3/4" x 15-3/4" sink hole [left side]
  • Chemical resistant, poly-resin liner
  • Double wall construction
  • Adjustable air baffle (up/down)
  • Two (2) duplex electrical receptacles 
  • One (1) fluorescent light fixture and light switch (bulbs not included)
  • Three (3) gas packages - air, nitrogen, and gas nozzles
  • Two (2) fume hood side panels


  • Exterior dimensions (WxDxH): 59" x 34-13/16" x 60"
  • Exhaust collar: 9-1/8" inch diameter 


  • 4 wide acid/base [corrosive] cabinet
  • 4 wide flammable [solvent] cabinet
  • Pre-wired and installed air velocity monitor
  • Explosion-proof package. Includes two explosion-proof incandescent light fixtures and flexible tubing for wiring from electrical accessories to junction box 
  • Transition piece from exhaust collar to ductwork 
  • Ceiling enclosure

Exhaust blower (choose one): 

Standard air flow (100 fpm)

FC 111 1/3 HP Forward curved exhaust blower
Air moving capacity: 900cfm @100fpm
Motor: 110V/220V Capacitor Start ODP

Enhanced air flow (150 fpm)

FC 111 1/2HP Forward curved exhaust blower
Air moving capacity: 1100cfm @150fpm
Motor: 110V/220V Capacitor Start ODP

Exhaust Blower Options:

  • Drain fitting
  • Epoxy coated fan blade housing to reduce corrosion from most normal exhausts [not recommended for temperatures over 180F.
  • Explosion-proof motor 
  • Spark-resistant aluminum fan blade 
  • Vent stack with spring rail mounts and weather cap
  • Inlet and outlet protective screens
  • Cen-FP, a fluoropolymer resin coating especially resistant to highly corrosive chemicals such as nitric and sulfuric acids. Withstands a wide range of temperatures. 

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