Baker BioPROtect Jr. 4-foot Biosafety Cabinet (Disassembled) (Pre-owned)

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Baker Bioprotect Jr walk-in 4 foot biological safety cabinet

Manufacturer:  Baker

Model:  BioPROtect Jr.

Condition:  Very good.  Disassembled and ready to ship

Status: Pre-owned

The Baker Company BioPROtect Jr. BioSafety Cabinets are Class II style clean air and containment enclosures designed for high-volume robotic and automated equipment applications. The BioPROtect accommodates high-throughput robotic systems (including ancillary devices), ultra-centrifuges, flow cytometers, aerosol generators and other large pieces of laboratory equipment.

The Baker BioPROTECT series are walk-in and reach-in biological safety enclosures. They use innovative robotic technology, high-throughput screening and high-volume sample management in a fully contained environment. 


  • 4ft Bioprotect Jr.
  • Original HEPA filters


 Outside dimensions
66" W x 64.5" D x 106.5" H
Usable work area
51" W x 36.5" D x 75" H (under diffuser)

Available options

  • Crating for common carrier shipment
  • New HEPA filters installation and testing
  • Shipping and insurance